Alvoco Group AMEY member since 2009

Shipping service

Ship’s Agency

 In the main – we provide vessels with comfort attendance either of sea port or port road with reasonable D/As for shipowner’s. 
We quickly and precisely can provide our clients with proforma D/A. Upon Client’s request we can provide vessel with everything necessary from fresh water to complicated electrical equipment by the market prices. 
For long years we have formed amicable and trusting relationship with Port authorities which helps in solving different problems connected with the port calls.
Our company provides ship’s agency services at the following Ports:

  • Odessa
  • Illyichevsk
  • Izmail
  • Yuzhniy
  • Kerch

We can secure vessel’s and Ship-owner’s interests using our wide experience.
We offer bunkering services at the most competitive prices! 

Repair of vessels

We provide shiprepair services for vessels with displacement from 1000 to 8000 tons at Izmail shipyards facilities. Accurate calculations based on thorough preliminary vessel’s inspections helps to minimize the expenses for repair as well as to avoid any technical mistakes during the ship’s repair period. We will guide you through every step of ship repair.
Flexible system of discounts on materials and works is always appreciated by our Clients.

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