Alvoco Group AMEY member since 2009

Our history

“Alvoco Group Ltd” was established in 2002 as the forwarding company which performed forwarding of export-import general cargoes via Odessa Sea Commercial Port and Illyichevsk Sea Commercial Port. Contemporary tendencies of the complex services at transport market leaded to opening of ship’s agency department in 2003.

Since 2003 Company started to provide our Clients with money-saving complex service of multimodal cargo delivery to any part of the world. In 2004 we have continued to enlarge sphere of our interests and range of cargoes. At that time our work has stretched already to four Seaports: Odessa, Illyichevsk, Nikolayev and Izmail. The time interval from 2004 till 2006 was significantly marked by performing a number of complex projects in field of transportation of heavy-load and oversize project cargoes from European River Ports to Ukraine. At the same period we have started to provide shipping agency service at the Yuzhniy Sea Commercial Port. In 2005 we began to provide ship’s repair services basing on facilities of Izmail shipyards. In 2007 we started to grant the whole complex of services at the field of containers transshipment and transportation. The general agreement with Kherson Sea Trade Port on the transshipment of bulk and general cargoes was signed in 2008.

The history of our company is found to be in strict accordance with the expression – “If you’re not making step forward, you’re making step back”.

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